Podl has landed
The piggy bank for crypto hodlers
The people of tomorrow need a new way to save money

Podl's Mission

Podl is the piggy bank of tomorrow. Equipped with cybernetic enhancements, Podl is designed to help people save money in a completely new way.

Today, people are taught to save fiat in a piggy bank or bank account. Tomorrow, kids will be hodling digital assets. That's where Podl comes in.

Why choose Podl?

Podl represents a new era of saving money. These Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectables are minted in celebration of this momentous shift.

Podl provides all the
familiarity of a regular piggy bank, with the few minor upgrades required to handle the digital currencies of the future.

Podls can be common, rare, or legendary and the numbers minted for each category change appropriately.

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